Low Vision Services



Low Vision Services .

SENIORS DIVINE HOME highlights a medicinal, optical, and all encompassing methodology, to senior eye care that is exceptionally produced for more established grown-ups with vision hindrance. Our administrations include:

  • A full scope of consideration and administrations to advance physical, psychosocial and mental prosperity

  • A geriatric eye care program which incorporates a low vision test to guarantee the exhaustive treatment of eye infection and to advance eye wellbeing.

  • Devoted staff prepared in the conveyance of low vision administrations.

  • A word related advisor on location to teach low vision more established grown-ups in arranging living spaces freely.

  • A programming date-book highlighting verse readings, exploratory writing, workmanship treatment, chiseling, music and physical wellness to keep seniors tested, effective, and mingled.

Low Vision Living

Environment bolster a solid relationship of brain and body, fundamental to the prosperity of occupants, families, guests and staff

  • A Media Room with undertaking and overhead lighting for simple review of low vision PCs and consoles.

  • Lighting and plan components that help safe travel, limiting visual handicaps and expanding self-sufficiency.

  • Living spaces that stream with sunlight and open perspectives of the Hudson River, George Washington Bridge and Palisades – when required, extraordinary blinds diminish glare.

  • Eating spaces that include sufficiently bright, open floor designs in an alluring, contemporary setting.