About Us



About SENIORS DIVINE HOME – we will probably give care in a warm, homelike condition. Such consideration ought to be given based on a continuum of consideration in which more established individual can live & learn. Changing the idea of Old Age and bringing healing facility care and maturity home together. Our consideration are one of itself as we take care seniors medically and personally.


  • * In fulfilling its mission, Seniors Divine Home believes in a person-centered philosophy of services, dedicated to:-
  • * Celebrating our occupants as interesting people, meriting pride and regards
  • * Empowering our staff to help our occupants' decisions
  • * Nurturing the human soul through instructions, religious articulation, workmanship and music
  • * Striving for greatness through regard, improvement and support of representatives


  • * Office situated in the middle of greenery and rooms have been made so that it deals with each need of resident's.
  • * Qualified and very much prepared medical attendant.
  • * Capable and qualified specialists and attendants committed for 24*7 restorative and individual consideration of occupants

Care for Dementia suffered resident’s.

We serve nutritious and flavorful Indian meal. We additionally give customary housekeeping and clothing administrations. Steady condition, visit coordinated association, and brimming with new exercises. Yoga, wellness and physical body development exercises.

How about we begin your discussion with a couple of straightforward inquiries you may ask yourself:

  • * My parents are becoming more established and my life is getting progressive. Do I have the proper measure of time to devote for dealing with their requirements?
  • * I live out of state. Is there somebody who can be my eyes and ears and help with dealing with my folks' everyday exercises and medicinal needs?
  • * I live close-by and am now helping my family the most ideal way I can. Am I feeling overpowered by dealing with the coordinations of in-home consideration, therapeutic arrangements?
  • * I simply encountered an ongoing hospitalization with my relative. what is the subsequent stage?
  • * We get it. You don't need to be separated from everyone else on this. Answers, help and arrangements are accessible.

Social model senior grown-up day program is where seniors can accumulate for organized socialization and diversion in a managed situation. A guardian may pick grown-up day programs as a following stage being taken care of by a friend or family member who might be in the beginning times of dementia or declining in subjective capacity. Our projects enable parental figures to have truly necessary relief while guaranteed that their adored one is in a checked situation from one to five days a week.We will give